Along with our group workshops, Pandurunga Farm offers one-on-one practical training and/or education for those individuals who are looking for a more personalized experience. You can attend on your own, with family or a group of friends. We can provide an educational experience which is tailored to cover your personal requirements over a broad range of skills and knowledge base, or for those with previous experience, you can choose your information to cover very specific detailed topics more in-depth, (to the best of our ability).

This style of learning is great for those who are starting their gardening experience, providing confidence in a relaxed and personalized situation. We have been able to help many people who claim to have killed everything that they have planted.

Examples of topics which can be covered  include but are not limited too:

Composting and nutrient. How can I feed my garden???

Sub-tropical gardening techniques.  Why is it difficult to grow the stuff we get at the supermarket???

Plant Use  and  Plant Choice.  What plants can I grow easily???

Alternative Technologies

Building & Construction

Water management

PDC's Tailored to suit your timetable.

If you are interested in discussing  one-on-one tailored education and information sharing, please reach out via email or phone to start discussing your course structure.