Pandurunga Permaculture farm

bullet imagebullet imagePandurunga, is a 30 acre property nestled in the Pioneer Valley at the gateway to Finch Hatton Gorge, Mackay, Queensland,with an amazingly beautiful creek frontage. 

Open Day gathering . Banana Management

                                   COMING EVENTS

               HANDS ON           PERMACULTURE DAY

              February 26th

    Work with our wonderful wet                                   season. 

Try out cool drinks made from the garden.

  The delights of growing food in the tropics. Tips on the best plants to grow during the wet season.


about pandurunga 

A small example of a lifestyle which combines our shared understandings of the Rainbow philosophy. Permaculture and Deep ecology, where we invite the broader community to share with us through Open days, Workshops, Small gatherings, wwoofing, internships, and other opportunities , our journey, of developing and living on this site.

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Pandurunga Permaculture Farm.  

Harmony and Luke

about us

Luke and Harmony are keen permaculturists and educators having acquired 30 acres of land on the Finch Hatton Gorge Creek where they are establishing a permaculture sanctuary.

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